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At E*TRADE, we make trading stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and more a breeze.

We provide a comprehensive platform and live e-seminars to assist investors in creating a portfolio, monitoring it for changes, rebalancing it accordingly, and understanding stock market risks.

For a limited time, E*TRADE is offering a complimentary two-factor security device to make signing into its Client Portal and trading terminals much simpler. Depending on where you live, this device will activate automatically within 2-3 weeks depending on location.


E*TRADE makes trading stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds a breeze. With one of the best mobile trading platforms in the industry, an expansive selection of investment options and comprehensive research tools to get you started, E*TRADE provides all the tools necessary for successful investing.

The website boasts a modern, straightforward design that makes it easy to use. It provides live quotes, streaming market data, and an intuitive order management system that makes trading accessible even to novice traders.

Stock and Options Research: The platform includes consensus price targets from analysts ranked on TipRanks, along with analyst-specific breakdowns. It also has charts and technical studies from Markit Digital and Chart IQ, including 145 drawing tools and chart studies.

E*TRADE offers a web-based platform, as well as a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Power E*TRADE app provides mobile traders and investors access to advanced options and futures trading features, charts, technical analysis reports - all in one place!

The mobile app is free and provides customers with the same trading tools as its desktop version. It is perfect for investors on-the-go, offering a wealth of charting capabilities such as technical studies and pre-set scans that enable users to quickly implement their preferred trading strategies while on the go.

It also allows traders to save and launch their strategies directly from the charts, saving time and effort. It includes options-related tools like risk/reward probability charts and the StrategySEEK tool, which automatically identifies user-inputted criteria like target price, outlook, and investment amount in order to help select the right trade.

Investing and Retirement Planning: The company's extensive library of educational resources covers everything from basic investing concepts to complex topics, like options trading. Plus, it hosts webinars and e-seminars to inform traders on the newest investment trends.

Customer service at this bank is top notch, with 24/7 assistance available through phone, chat and email. Plus it has a team of specialists and financial consultants to answer any queries you may have.

We make it easy to trade

There is no shortage of options when it comes to trading stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and more. E*TRADE stands out by offering a high-touch yet low-pressure trading experience topped off with an online trading portal. You can trade stocks, bonds and options on one screen for an efficient experience that's envied by peers. Plus there are tons of free educational resources and tips on trading like a pro available - plus you can even trade using your mobile devices thanks to the mobile E*TRADE app!

Get started with a free demo account

Demo trading is a great way for you to test out your strategies without risking actual funds. This will give you invaluable experience, give you insight into the market, and ensure that the broker matches your style of trading perfectly.

Most brokers provide demo accounts at no cost, which are an ideal starting point for new traders to learn the trades and experienced investors to test out their strategies without risking real money.

Demo accounts provide traders with an opportunity to explore new markets and asset classes, such as Forex or commodities. Furthermore, they can test the performance of expert advisor systems.

Traders can then apply this knowledge to live trading, which could prove invaluable for developing long-term success.

If you're new to Forex trading, a free forex demo account is an ideal starting point. These accounts typically come with an initial balance of virtual cash (usually $100,000) so that you can trade with ease and monitor your profits.

Another advantage of a free demo account is its flexibility; you can use it across multiple time frames, which helps expedite learning and enable faster trading.

It's common for new traders to begin with a larger time frame and then decrease it once they see positive outcomes. This provides valuable insights into their system that would typically take years to perfect; however, with a demo account they could gain these invaluable insights quickly and easily.

By applying the same system to a shorter timeframe, you may receive more signals for reversal patterns--a popular trading technique. This can be especially advantageous when trying to capitalize on news events which appear more frequently with smaller time frames.

Most traders are familiar with stock trading, but there are other financial markets to explore. Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies can all provide great ways to diversify your portfolio. However, don't try testing all these options simultaneously on one trading session or chart; rather, test each option individually for at least a month in order to ensure its profitability before opening a live account.

Trade with confidence

E*TRADE makes trading an effortless experience with its intuitive user interfaces, cutting-edge technology and extensive features designed to meet even the most sophisticated trader's needs. Beyond traditional brokerage accounts, E*TRADE also goes beyond offering access to wealth management and investment advisory services, online banking, research and corporate stock plan management.

Customer service is clearly at the top of their priority list, reflecting their dedication to helping customers succeed. Fortunately, you'll find that their support team boasts an impressive array of financial industry pros who are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

For traders seeking the ultimate trade experience, E*TRADE has developed award-winning mobile apps that make trading with them simpler than ever before. Plus, these free-to-download applications come with a demo trading account so you can try out several top strategies without risking any real money down.

When planning for the long term, having a well-rounded investment portfolio is the best way to guarantee your long term success and safeguard your nest egg. Make sure your investments are aligned with your objectives, and that you understand both your risk tolerance and how much risk you can tolerate.