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Signing up for a real account with us takes only 20 seconds! It's secure, free, and all you need are some basic details - we won't share them with anyone. Whether it's through our mobile app, website or in person today - registration and sending money to your bank account is now easier than ever!

It’s quick and easy

Major and many minor banks offer online banking, most with mobile apps so you can take your accounts with you wherever life takes you. All that's required for signing up for an account is visiting their website, entering basic information, registering for one and using your username and password - easy!! Once registered, log in anytime using either your username and password for secure access to all your funds!

You can activate your online bank account at an ATM. Most banks allow this, but they'll need to verify your identity in person so make sure to bring along documents like a driver's license or other identification. When visiting an ATM, create a secure password with capital letters and numbers that cannot be easily guessed.

Before meeting someone you've met online, it is essential to first talk on the phone or through live video chat. This will allow you to verify if they are who they say they are and whether you want to meet in person. Furthermore, ask them to take a selfie holding a sign with certain words on it as proof that they aren't using photos taken off of the internet.

Bring a friend along on your first date. That way, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point during the evening, you can call them and leave immediately. Additionally, refer back to online conversations before meeting in person to get an idea of whether this is something you want to pursue further.

To guarantee you're getting a genuine account, use a site that filters out bots and proxies during signup. It's an effective way to protect yourself from fraudulent signups and shield your bank account from being hacked.

It’s secure

Real accounts are formal, permanent components of a company's records that ensure they stay in balance from year to year. Furthermore, they offer an accurate representation of financial activity to their stakeholders by disclosing accurate figures on various economic activities.

Fake accounts, on the other hand, are maliciously created user accounts that hackers use to quickly commit fraud or other criminal acts. Hackers take advantage of the business logic behind websites or applications in order to create accounts that appear legitimate at first glance.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to detect fake accounts. Bots that create these illegitimate accounts are increasingly sophisticated enough to avoid detection by most security tools and may even fool CAPTCHA - a type of randomly-timed question and answer which prevents automated programs from completing tasks.

If you want to be secure, it's best to create an actual account for all your online banking needs. Furthermore, downloading the mobile app, website or in person today (if not already done) is a wise idea if you don't already have one.

Once registered, you can begin sending money to your bank account using our mobile app, website or in person today! Make sure to log out when finished using the site or app; this ensures that no one else sees any of your personal information! It's also wise to learn how to navigate your banking portal for ease of use.

It’s free

We're pleased to inform you that there's no cost when signing up and sending money directly from your bank account using our mobile app, website or in person today. Just fill out the form with all of your details, and within minutes we'll set you up with an account. Once logged in, you can start transferring funds worldwide!

Free content refers to any functional work or information that is free from restrictions that restrict its use, sharing, copying and modification. This includes works in the public domain that have been licensed under terms that uphold those freedoms; copyrighted works whose licenses uphold those same liberties; as well as explicitly declared free works.

When deciding how to send money, factors like the urgency of delivery, whether the funds are going to one person or several recipients, and any risks associated with each option should all be taken into account. Sending cash through e-wallets or money transfer services can be more risky than mailing the money; however it might be appropriate for emergent situations like paying medical or school fees that require instantaneous access. Likewise, sending funds via credit card may be a viable option but may incur hidden charges you weren't aware of prior.

It’s easy to use

Signing up is simple - just fill in your name and email address below. Our team will contact you via email to verify the details you provided. After signing up, you can take advantage of personalised support from our team, including phone orders, video chat support and order queries.

We understand the critical nature of your personal information, and we take every precaution to protect it. That is why we regularly assess our security measures. Our online store uses cutting-edge encryption technology and are dedicated to safeguarding your data.

To protect your personal details, create an account with us today. It's quick and easy to do, giving you access to all the great features our website has to offer.

Establishing a real account also grants you access to exclusive offers and discounts, helping you save money on your shopping.

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Starting is simple and our customer service team are here to assist you every step of the way. We strive to find answers to any queries that arise. So give our mobile app, website or in person a try today - you'll discover how convenient and rewarding being part of the QM community can be!