Binomo Bonus Suite - The Big Bang Bonus

Binomo offers traders a variety of bonuses, including welcome and deposit bonuses as well as code or coupon bonuses. But it is important to remember that these gifts don’t guarantee additional income.

To increase your trading income, it is important to improve your skills and use different strategies. It also helps to practice on demo accounts and tournaments.

You activated a bonus but haven’t fulfilled the trading turnover

The trading turnover of a stock is an important measure to consider for potential investors, as it indicates the amount of liquidity available for traders. A high turnover ratio indicates that more shares are available for trade, whereas a low turnover ratio suggests that there are very few shares for traders to buy or sell. This is an important factor when considering a stock’s value, because it can help determine how volatile it may be during economic downturns. The trading turnover of a stock can also help investors to define their own goals for liquidity, as some want stocks that are easier to buy or sell, while others prefer illiquid assets that will help preserve their value during volatility.

You activated a bonus but haven’t met the trading volume requirements

The binomo bonus suite offers a number of unique ways to earn and recoup your investment. The one that stands out is a whopping megabonus of up to 80% of your trading volume. Its name is the Big Bang Bonus, and it is an uncomplicated process to activate. It is a simple matter of choosing the right account and setting up your deposit. The only drawback is the inevitable delay to your bonus funds being credited to your trading balance. Thankfully, the Big Bang Bonus is available for trading for a period of 30 days and is renewable. To reap the rewards, make sure to trade on a daily basis or your bonus will be vaporized.

You activated a bonus with trading turnover

Binomo offers a variety of trading bonuses. These include no-deposit and deposit bonuses, as well as bonuses for promotions. The terms of these bonuses vary, and it is important to read them before activating them.

A bonus is a great way to boost your account and increase your profits. However, you need to keep in mind that trading is a risky activity. Therefore, you should use sensible money management and avoid getting irrational with your trades.

The company offers a free demo account for traders to practice and learn how to trade on the platform. This account imitates the features of a genuine account and allows you to test trading strategies without risking your own money.

You can also use the demo account to learn how to analyze and interpret market trends and make a profit. The platform has many graphical tools and economic calendars to assist you with this process.

Once you sign up for an account at Binomo, you are automatically given a $1,000 bonus that can be used to make virtual trades. You can then refill the account when you have exhausted it.

If you choose to withdraw your funds, you can do so in three days or less. This is a good feature for traders who want to keep their profits in their account while allowing the system to process the withdrawal request.

Moreover, you can use Binomo’s customer support service 24/7 to help you with any issues or concerns you may have. They are available by phone, email and live chat.

The broker also offers different trading accounts that differ in minimum deposit requirements. These include a standard account, a gold account and a VIP account. The standard account is designed for beginners and requires a small amount of capital to start trading.

While the gold account is for more experienced traders who have a high budget, the VIP account is suited to professional traders with larger funds and higher profits. This account offers access to 50+ assets and a greater range of bonuses and promotions.

Binomo is a reliable trading platform that has been around for years and offers a wide variety of trading instruments and financial services. It is regulated by the International Finance Commission (IFC) and certified by the CROFR. This is a good sign that the platform is not scamming people and that you can be sure it will deliver on its promises.