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If you're interested in investing in stocks, options or any other asset class, E*TRADE makes it easy to sign up and begin trading right away. With its range of features tailored towards investors of all experience levels, there's something for everyone at this online brokerage.

The platform provides many advanced order types to help manage risk, quickly enter and exit positions, and capture gains. Furthermore, tax lots can be utilized for tax efficiency when optimizing positions.

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Get your trading on with an E*TRADE trading account. All that's required to get started is an email address and valid credit or debit card - then sign in with a click to begin trading for real. You can trade stocks, ETFs and options across all major US markets as well as over 100 countries around the world. Plus there are plenty of tools and resources to help make informed decisions. By taking time to learn about the market that interests you, it will ensure your portfolio meets all financial objectives while being resilient against any downturn that may come soon.

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Establishing a financial plan and investing is an essential step toward achieving your financial objectives. Whether you're saving for a home, car or retirement, investing is an efficient way to save money and increase your wealth.

E*TRADE offers a suite of tools to help you maximize your investments and get the most out of them. These include an extensive online research library with thousands of articles on stocks, bonds and investment topics; plus there's an expansive language search engine and 24/7 phone line access to brokers.

Before you begin investing, take into account both short- and long-term objectives. Divide these into essentials, important, and aspirational categories and then budget for each one separately.

Once your financial plan is in place, it's time to select the appropriate account and begin investing for each goal. Selecting the right investment options and accounts according to your objectives can make a significant difference in how quickly you reach those objectives.

When investing, you have several options to choose from, such as certificate of deposit (CD) accounts, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Many people begin by opening a savings account to save money and then invest it gradually over time.

These accounts tend to be low-risk and pay interest on deposits for a specified period. Furthermore, they enable you to setup automatic contributions that grow over time.

Another option is a brokerage account, which enables you to buy and sell stocks on the stock exchange. These types of accounts are offered by many brokers and could be an ideal starting point.

Your brokerage account can even be used to invest in an IRA, which is a tax-favored way of saving for retirement. There are certain limits, however, so make sure you understand them before opening an account.

Finally, for beginners, E*TRADE offers Core Portfolios - an automated investing service that matches your personal risk tolerance and investing goals with technology. This is a great way to learn how to invest without having to do any of the work yourself.

Powerful, intuitive platforms

When trading online, the platform you select can make or break your success. It should provide comprehensive trading resources and an intuitive user interface that's accessible across multiple devices.

E*TRADE makes online trading accessible to both novice and expert investors alike with its comprehensive educational catalog and user-friendly site design. It provides a range of investment options, such as stocks, options, and futures.

The main web platform offers real-time quotes, charts and research from TipRanks and Thomson Reuters. Additionally, it includes screeners, trade optimizer tools and backtesting capabilities.

Portfolio Builder also features an automated portfolio building tool to assist in setting up a strategy with minimal effort. Furthermore, you can access free Level 2 market data to better comprehend a stock's value and liquidity.

Power E*TRADE offers two mobile app versions to accommodate traders on-the-go. The basic experience provides a straightforward trading platform, while the advanced one supports complex options and futures trades as well as basic stock and fund transactions.

Though mobile applications may lack some of the power of desktop counterparts, they still provide advanced trading features and an extensive charting library. Furthermore, these apps support multiple order types like contingent, bracketed, one-triggers-the-other (OTO), and one-cancels-the-other (OCO) orders.

This platform is powered by Bookmap, a system that allows traders to visualize the live order book visually. Additionally, it displays historical depth-of-market data which helps predict short-term price movements more accurately.

Another essential feature of a good trading platform is its support for advanced order types and execution. These are necessary for managing risk, quickly entering and exiting positions, as well as quickly realizing profits.

Thinkorswim from TD is an impressive platform available across desktop, web and mobile. It provides over 400,000 economic data points, over 400 technical studies, an earnings tool and programming language to create your own trading algorithms.

Active and intermediate traders will find this platform a reliable choice, offering commission-free stock and ETF trading. Furthermore, it provides various other features like economic calendars and ratings from research agencies.

Trade online

Once signed in to the platform, you can begin placing orders online. This includes trading stocks, bonds and even exchange-traded funds (ETFs). When selecting a brokerage, ensure it offers an intuitive user experience so it's simple to navigate and place orders with ease.

Beyond the technicals of trading, the platform you use is also essential for how quickly orders are executed. Some brokers route orders directly to a market center while others send them across multiple exchanges for ultimate execution. This can have an enormous effect on your order price; therefore, make sure you look for features that allow you to select which exchange will fill it.

Selecting the ideal online broker is paramount to reaching your investment objectives, whether you're a long-term buy-and-hold investor or active day trader. Each broker has different features designed for different investors so it's essential to determine what matters most to you before selecting one.

For instance, if you're new to investing, look for a platform that provides educational resources and attentive customer service. Furthermore, check if the broker allows for practice trading before investing actual funds.

Experienced traders will likely prefer a platform that allows specific types of trades and has more complex analytic tools. Furthermore, look for a brokerage that offers free streaming market data, market commentary and analyst research.

E*TRADE offers a comprehensive suite of trading services designed to meet the demands of traders at all experience levels. This includes both an accessible web platform for beginners, as well as the advanced Power E*TRADE platform for active investors and traders.

The Power E*TRADE platform provides user-friendly charting tools, options strategies and risk metrics. Plus, its trading specialists are available to help you craft and implement your strategies with confidence.

E*TRADE not only offers trading and financial services, but they also provide an expansive library of free financial education resources. This includes live e-seminars as well as an impressive library of investor education books.