Are Binomo Accounts Safe?

Let’s see what is the answer to the question: Is Binomo real or a fake? When a trader is looking for a broker to trade with and studying the terms and conditions it offers and other information available he is trying to answer one crucial question, the same question we are going to answer today: Is Binomo Safe?

While hacking has recently become a serious problem it is crucial to be able to trust the broker you chose from the very beginning. So are Binomo accounts safe?

Binomo is more than just a forex broker it is a FMRRC regulated broker which means the risk for traders is lowered. Binomo, being an online trading platform with its own encrypted trading terminal operating globally, makes security and safety their major priority. The high level of security is guaranteed by its own fully encrypted secure platform using SSL protocol combined with safe and approved withdrawal and deposit methods.

Verification & Withdrawals

To guarantee its traders even more safety Binomo has a rigorous withdrawal verification procedure which is especially complicated during the first processing.

How do you make a deposit and withdrawal with Binomo?

Binomo offers different deposit and withdrawal methods like Visa and MasterCard cards, WebMoney, Skrill, Wire transfer.


The minimum deposit and withdrawal limit on Binomo is $10 equivalent in your currency. The maximum withdrawal amount is:


You are free to deposit, exchange and withdraw funds until authentication is requested. Verification usually starts when you withdraw funds from your account. It takes only about 10 minutes and having passed the check you can withdraw again.


If you want to keep your account even more secure, you can add two-factor authentication to your Binomo account.

Avoiding Scams

When trading online it is important to be familiar with the most common frauds because the best thing you can do is to stay safe avoiding scams. Here are the top 5 scams to avoid for Binomo traders!

Social media scams.

Don’t trust anyone you meet on social media easily, especially if the conversation involves money.

Binomo affiliate scams

Real Binomo employees will never even contact you unless you reach out first, like via their official support channels.

Fake Binomo websites

Do you know how to open the official Binomo website? Yes, it’s, not .net, .org, or .xyz. Before you login make sure you use the official desktop version or App Android or iOS.

Malware trading bots

Trading bots that can be installed on your browser or platform in order to help you trade money faster, easier, and more efficiently are nothing but scams.

Although there are many scams to avoid for Binomo traders, it’s still very possible to trade safely on the Binomo platform.

Is Binomo legal or illegal in India?

Binomo has been legally active in India since 2018. The platform is 100% legal in India and legit. Additionally, being a category “A” member of the International Financial Commission, Binomo guarantees its customers high quality service, transparency of transactions.