Huntington Bank Offers a Free Bonus For Opening a Checking Account

A free bank bonus is an excellent way to earn extra money when opening a new checking account. But before applying, be sure to understand the qualifying criteria.

For instance, a monthly fee can significantly reduce the amount of bonus money you'll receive. Furthermore, some banks will reclaim bonuses if you close your account within a specified period.

AsteriskFree Checking App Online

An accessible checking account can make a major difference in your financial life. Not only can you use it to deposit paychecks, pay bills and save money - some banks even provide perks and features designed to make banking even simpler for you.

When searching for a checking account, it is important to consider the features, fees and requirements that matter most to you. Additionally, be mindful of any additional costs such as overdraft fees or ATM withdrawal fees which may apply.

Huntington Bank is one of the nation's largest regional banks, boasting nearly 1,000 branches and over 1,800 ATMs in eight states across eight states located in midwestern America.

Their Asterisk Free Checking is a no-cost checking account with many educational tools to get you started in banking. This account is ideal for those who want to avoid monthly maintenance fees and other hidden costs like overdraft fees and ATM withdrawal fees.

This account is ideal for beginners as there's no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance requirement, making opening it effortless. Furthermore, you get a 24-hour grace period on overdrafts as well as $50 Safe Zone overdraft protection - meaning you can get out of an overdraft without paying a hefty fee.

Open an Asterisk Free checking account online through Huntington Bank's website for a convenient way to save money and access it anytime from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. It's that easy!

However, you should be aware that this account does not offer interest on your balance. To get a better rate, you'll need to upgrade to one of their other checking accounts.

This account offers a monthly maintenance fee but still has no minimum balance requirement and no overdraft fees. It does offer an APY, plus it reimburses you for ATM fees outside of Huntington's network.

Another advantage to this account is that it doesn't charge a fee for overdraft protection transfers, allowing you to use money in your savings account to cover an overdraft. Furthermore, to avoid incurring fees associated with an overdraft, make sure your balance returns to a positive before the end of the day.

Asterisk-Free offers several additional advantages, such as its intuitive mobile app and access to more than 3,000 Huntington ATMs across the U.S. It's a convenient way for those living in states where Huntington Bank operates to bank.

Residents of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania or West Virginia should take a look at the Huntington Asterisk Free Checking Account. It is a no-frills account with an attractive overdraft policy and plenty of helpful tools for beginners.

Open at a Branch Account

Depending on the bank, you may need to visit a branch in person in order to open a checking account. This usually takes less time than doing it online but ensure that all necessary documents are present.

To open an account at a bank, you'll need a valid government-issued ID. A driver's license is the most common choice but other forms of identification such as passport or state IDs may work too if that's more convenient for you. Furthermore, your US address and routing number must also be provided. If you already have credit or debit card with the bank, make sure to bring that along with other necessary documents.

Some banks require you to fund your account either by mail or online. If opting for the latter, be sure to bring along either a checkbook or cash with you.

Huntington Bank offers a free account that's ideal for beginners. It has no monthly maintenance fee and an extended 24-hour grace period on overdrafts, plus some other features worth exploring.

One of the standout features of this checking account is its effective overdraft protection process, which helps avoid fees by enabling you to deposit enough money to cover your account balance before midnight on business days. Other highlights include a $50 Safety Zone, standby cash early pay and automatic saving tools.

To take advantage of all these account benefits, however, you must reside in one of Huntington Bank's 11 states. To find out if this offer is available where you live, click on the "Open an Account" tab at their website and request a promotional code to use at a branch location.

The primary drawback to this offering is that it does not reimburse out-of-network ATM fees. This poses a problem for those who frequently utilize ATMs outside their bank's network.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other options in the same price range. These include no-frills checking accounts that offer similar features such as low minimum balance requirements and a mobile app.

Another option is to open a no-frills checking account that pays interest on eligible balances. Bank of America's College Checking and Capital One's Student Checking are two such accounts available; although these don't have all the bells and whistles as AsteriskFree does, they do offer lower minimum balance requirements and more competitive interest rates.


Huntington Bank is offering a bonus for opening an account. Residents of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois or West Virginia are eligible to receive this money-back reward. Opening this account is free and it comes with several features to make banking simpler and more convenient, such as overdraft protection, standby cash early pay and access to a mobile app. Overdraft protection can help avoid expensive overdrawn charges by helping keep funds in your account instead of having them sent elsewhere. Banks typically transfer funds from your savings account to cover overdrafts, saving you money when needed most and giving you peace of mind that there will always be enough cash in reserve for an unexpected expense. Furthermore, most mobile apps are user-friendly and convenient so you can manage your finances from any location.