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Despite the growing use of alternative payment systems such as capitation and DRGs, FFS remains an integral component in many healthcare systems around the world. Enforcing and monitoring compliance with regulations is essential for controlling volume, costs and quality.

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FFS integrates into most device types

Fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement models are a widely used method in healthcare to pay physicians. They allow providers to charge per lab test, appointment or treatment they provide a patient. This model, also referred to as volume-based care, has long been the foundation of healthcare and allowed providers to expand operations.

FFS models have served many physician practices and health systems well for years, but recent regulatory changes and changing patient needs have caused many to move away from traditional fee-for-service models. In particular, more providers are turning toward value-based care models like bundled payments or accountable care organizations.

The fundamental issue with FFS is that it rewards quantity over quality, potentially leading to suboptimal care or higher prices for patients. Therefore, regulation and oversight are necessary in order to prevent overuse and guarantee quality standards are met.

One way to achieve this is by coadopting physicians as payment system regulators, which is more feasible and straightforward than capitation or Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs). To do this, one must create regulations for each itemized service, drug, device or equipment and set billing conditions accordingly.

This includes an intense audit of claims, along with penalties for noncompliance. Furthermore, these rules must be constantly revised and altered in light of new drugs, devices, and equipment that may enter the marketplace.

Many physicians have chosen to combine the fee-for-service (FFS) model with capitation, or have moved their practice entirely into a clinically integrated network (CIN) or accountable care organization (ACO). Ultimately, the best payment mode depends on a doctor's location, specialty, patient demographics and the nature of their practice itself.

FFS can work together with other payment models, such as value-based care, to deliver a better patient experience. It encourages physicians to engage patients more and actively manage their health - leading to reduced hospital readmissions, unnecessary treatments, costs savings and improved outcomes.

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